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Brands of today need a website that can keep up with the demands of their audience. At The Traffic Factory, we have experienced professionals who can deliver a stellar website that is responsive and compliant with the standards of today.

We use the latest technology available in the market including Progressive Web Apps, Motion UI, JavaScript, Google AMP, to just mention a few. You can be assured that you have people with knowledge and expertise with the latest technology working on your brand’s website.

Our website development services

Getting the right website that is suited to your business means you need a partner who understands what your requirements are and provides you with the right solutions to your problems.

The Traffic Factory has a full-service web development pipeline that is effective as well as affordable.

WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the most powerful and widely used CMS packages for creating dynamic and streamlined online content. Over 1/4th of the internet is powered by WordPress, and we have the know-how to deliver a stellar WordPress website that is user-friendly as well.

E-commerce Development

E-commerce websites have several components that need to perform in tandem for a competent experience. We make sure that basic e-commerce factors like cart, payment gateway, user-friendly design, and responsive working are all implemented well in our deliverables.

Custom Website Development

If you feel that you have unique requirements as a brand, we can take the weight off your shoulders. We can offer you completely custom interfaces along with a back end that is suited to your needs. The Traffic Factory can deliver a website that stands apart from the competition.

Web Portal Development

The Traffic Factory has complete control over various aspects of portal development and can provide you solutions for extensions, enhancement, and integration of better systems into your existing architecture. We can deliver on complex enterprise level solutions and robust scaled-down versions suitable for smaller brands as well.

Web Development Life Cycle

When dealing with multiple clients over the globe, there needs to be standard operating procedure so we can make accurate predictions and our results are consistent. The Traffic Factory ensures that we stick to the highest standards and protocols when it comes to web development.

Initial Analysis

Every engagement at The Traffic Factory starts with a thorough analysis of the website including prioritization of goals and targets.


Once the analysis is complete, experts brainstorm the ideal working pipeline for the project, and this is where several key decisions are taken with regard to progression and time estimation.


The website design phase is handled by expert web designers who will make sure that it is dynamic and user-friendly.


Once the mockup for the design is approved, the developers start work on the underlying code. We are known for efficient and scalable coding practices which means that the website is quick as well as easy to upgrade.

Testing and Delivery

Testing is an important part of the process, and we make sure that each module is checked thoroughly through unit testing with stubs. The delivery phase is initiated when there are absolutely zero errors or failures found through our comprehensive testing process.


If the client opts for maintenance, the team will monitor the website for any anomalies or drops in performance.

Why build with TTF?

Shifting design trends make many sites look dated and do not provide the functionality necessary to convert casual visitors into paying customers at the highest possible rate.

Premium Hosting

The Traffic Factory can deliver premium hosting services that can give you more features like Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Servers, and Cloud Virtual Servers (CVS).

Bonus Tools

As a client, you are entitled to several free tools that can enhance the performance of your website.

User-Friendly Maintenance

Website maintenance is quick and easy with our proprietary software. The interface is simple, and it has powerful functionalities which make editing websites a cinch.

Mobile Responsive

There are a plethora of digital devices out there, and we make sure that your website looks great on each and every one of them.

Solid Foundation

WordPress is our CMS of choice which means that incorporating changes is incredibly easy as it is a powerful and robust platform. We make sure that standards are adhered to and you have increased visibility for search engines.

Built-in Search Optimization

Our expert SEO analysts make sure that your website ranks well for the intended niche. We employ the latest techniques that can actually make a significant difference to rankings in little time.

Looking for better real world performance from your website? We can help

Every business has requirements that are unique. We can provide customized solutions that fit your business model.

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